10 Tips How to Get and Stay Motivated to Work Out

10 Tips How to Get and Stay Motivated to Work Out

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We all know this feeling: it has been a long day at work, you are tired, you have to run some errands and by the time you are done, all you want to do is watch some Netflix and go to sleep.

Here are 10 tips on how you can get motivated to workout and how you can stay motivated:

1. Set fixed dates and times for your workouts - and stick to them

Creating a routine for your workouts is essential. Set specific days and times when you want to workout during the week and stick to them. Make working out a priority and not just something you do when you have some free time because then you will never do it.

2. Never skip your Monday workout

Schedule your first workout of the week always on a Monday and make sure to never skip it. It gives you a head start into the week and if you skip it or start on a later day, you will always have the feeling to lack behind with your workout schedule. 

3. Get yourself a gym/workout buddy 

Work out with a friend or partner. That way you can motivate each other and you can't quit that easily. Plus it gives you something you can do together. 

4. Get some cute gym clothing and wear it

Buy yourself workout clothing that makes you feel good and that you want to put on for your workout. Working out should not be something that you are dreading but it should be something to look forward to. So get yourself some cute gym clothes and make sure to wear it. Even better: wear it throughout the day. Putting your gym clothes on is half the work done already. 

5. Get motivation from others

This might not help everybody but for a lot of people it works. Go to YouTube and search for motivational videos, listen to music that motivates you, or look at pictures of fitness models. Sometimes a five minute video is all you need to start that workout. 

6. Start slow

Make working out a routine first and then slowly increase the time of your workouts and how often you workout. A lot of people start to workout and then go to the gym five times a week for 90 minutes each. Guess what? After two weeks they lose their motivation. Rather, start with 30-minute-workouts three times a week and then go from there. 

7. Set goals. 

Set yourself some goals and remember to set some big goals but also a lot of small ones, so that you can more often achieve them. This could be something like sticking to your routine or a body goal. However, do not forget to set some big goals as well that lay maybe two or three years in the future. And don't be afraid to aim high.

8. Add variety to your workouts. 

Let's say you workout 4 times a week. An easy way to get motivated for these workouts is to add variety to them. If you are not the person who wants to go to the gym four times per week then go to the gym once a week, workout at home on the other day, do some pilates the next and then just go for a run on the last day. And even if you go to the gym four times a week: try new exercises, maybe sign up for a class instead of 'just lifting weights'. Mix it up! I think you get the idea.

9. Remind yourself why you started.

This sounds so basic but is so vital. If you ever feel unmotivated, remind yourself why you started working out in the first place. It's sometimes all you need to get your butt off the couch and crush that workout.

10. Reward yourself!

This is so important. Did you achieve one of your goals? Did you stick to your workout routine for a month, three months, a year? Reward yourself. Get some new workout shoes, get new workout clothes or maybe something completely different like some ice cream. The important thing is: reward yourself for what you have achieved and be proud!


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